Meet the partners – Introduction to University of Split

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October 8, 2015
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Meet the partners – Introduction to University of Split

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The University of Split was officially established on 15 June 1974 when the units having already had an effect in their professional, scientific and teaching areas entered its structure. As a predominant scientific and teaching institution in the region the University of Split has expanded during the course of the past 30 years to include eleven Faculties, one Academy of Arts and four University Departments. There are about 24,000 students enrolled in the University’s undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programmes.

The focus of the research work carried out by the University is on scientific areas with reference to disciplines characterized by natural, cultural, historical, social, economic and other features of the region as a part of the Croatian Adriatic and the Mediterranean region as a whole. This involves the research and protection of art and construction heritage, philology, field crops, oceanography and fishing, Adriatic botany and zoology, island and coastal economy, Adriatic tourism, maritime law, nautical science, naval architecture and a range of other specific disciplines such as chemical engineering, civil engineering, architecture, electrical and mechanical engineering, social sciences, kinesiology, humanities, health sciences, forensics, all of which distinguish the University of Split, not only in Croatia but also beyond its borders.

Faculty of Economics, University of Split has strong capabilities and experiences in university education in the field of Business Studies at all levels – from undergraduate to doctoral studies. The Departments of Management, Marketing, Finances a part of this Faculty, employ 14 professors with Ph.D., and most of them have international experiences in research and teaching.

University of Split, Faculty of Economics established the Student Entrepreneurship Centre in 2009. Within the Centre, students have been offered extra-curricula seminars and training programmes in different areas of business, usually in cooperation with local firms and entrepreneurs. One of the programmes conducted within the Centre is the Student Business Academy. The programme has been running for six years; 21 business plans have been developed there so far within the Academy. The Academy is rather competitive oriented, so that the plans are evaluated by the board consisting of the representatives of relevant institutions (commercial banks, Croatian National Bank for Reconstruction and Development, World Bank, Association of Employers, and other entrepreneurship supporting organisations). Participants are students of the University of Split, coming from different faculties (economics, electrical engineering, medicine, architecture, sciences etc.). Currently, Faculty and the University are putting efforts in development of the student entrepreneurship hub.

University of Split, and also the Faculty of Economics, have introduced the ISO quality standards. Currently, both institutions are developing the ESG standards. To this regard, there is a long experience in ensuring the quality procedures and standards in the education process.
Faculty of Economics participated in a few international projects related to the entrepreneurship, long-distance learning and also the one related to the visually impaired persons (VIPs)

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