SBeA program is developed by three partner institutions: University of Split (Croatia), University of Malaga (Spain) and Middlesex University (UK)

The main goal of the SBeA project is to produce a high-quality, personalized e-learning program for young people interested in entrepreneurship in order to provide them with necessary resources to bring their business ideas to life as well as to prepare them for entering the market.

How we do it?

SBeA combines face-to-face and on-line (blended) learning. The online training program will consist of 6 modules (3 per semester) and 2 training seminars of 5 days, where participants will acquire key entrepreneurial skills, knowledge about market, and develop their interpersonal and intercultural skills. The project stimulates a new way of learning and teaching through digital content and use of virtual resources, helping students to acquire digital skills, connect classrooms and digital devices and content, increasing efficiency and equity in education. In this way, the project is contributing to the Europe 2020 goals of boosting EU competitiveness and growth through better skilled workforce and more employment. SBeA combines customized support through mentorship and personalized learning for participants which is one of the main benefits of this program.

Why we do it?

Participants of e-learning academy will get new and recognised learning outcomes and competencies, at the same time unleashing their entrepreneurial potential. Mentored by senior entrepreneurs and teachers, they will adopt critical observation on their business ideas. Enthusiasm immanent to young people, in combination with new competences, mentorship and guidance will have a priceless impact on the development of their future careers. They will be able to instantly apply in their project what they learned directly from classes. International and multicultural environment will also create positive attitudes towards internationalisation of their business ideas.

SBeA in numbers



The SBeA program is tailored for a group of 60 students per academic year.


International pool of 45 mentors, both from academic and private sector, will be available to students.


The program consists of 6 online modules with complete set of learning materials and tools.

business camps

Summer training camp will be organized in Croatia for participants.

How we got started

Project partners have cooperated on an international entrepreneurship student conference "Summer Jam Croatia" organized in Croatia by Faculty of Economics in August 2014. and 2015. Representatives of partner universities have been part of mentorship team which was guiding and helping participants in developing their business models. After the conference, the partner universities continued their collaboration in supporting students and developing new opportunities for them - one of which is "Student Business e-Academy".

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